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Bobby Flay Chats about His Amagansett Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

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Bobby Flay and his wife Stephanie March show off the indoor and outdoor kitchens of their Amagansett home in the new issue of ELLE DECOR. Stephanie says of Bobby's former Southampton bachelor pad: "There was an enormous white leather sofa in the living room and four flat-screen TVs? His place smelled like golf." Once the couple made the decision to build their dream home in Amagansett, the kitchen was of course one of the major projects. Bobby says, "I've spent my life working a grill, and I never had one at home until now. It took 30 years." The indoor kitchen sports a commercial 10-burner stove, two ovens, a fryer, a griddle, and a salamander, along with seating that includes two café tables and a farm table. Now Thanksgiving dinners are hosted in Amagansett rather than their Manhattan apartment. "We had 50 people show up for turkey in Amagansett this past holiday anyway. They followed us here! I prepared two 30-pound turkeys and cooked sides for days. I stand at my kitchen island from the minute I get out here to the minute I leave," Bobby says. The downside of being a famous chef!
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