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Town Officials in Slapfight Over Poor State of Ditch Plains

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Why was Ditch Plains in such a badly eroded state this spring? Is the newly rebuilt seawall to the east at Montauk Shores to blame? The East Hampton Town Board, as usual, divided along partisan lines when trying to figure it out, even as the town prepared to dump sand at Ditch just to salvage the summer season. Bill Wilkinson, town supervisor, blamed Sandy. Jeremy Samuelson of Concern Citizens of Montauk blamed the seawall. Then the board wrangled over whether to hire a coastal expert to study the shore. Last week, the town and the state DEC filed charges against Montauk Shores for making the seawall too large. Their lawyer complained the charges were politically motivated.
· As a Beach Erodes in the Hamptons, Tensions Swell [NYT]