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"Dead bedbugs on the floor along with other dead insects."

This photo of Longview Resort Motel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Review of the Longview Resort Motel in Southampton

"I entered the room leaving my luggage in the car. I pulled back the gross top bedspread and they had those foamy blankets. There was a clear spattering of semen across the blanket along with pubic hair on the sheets. On the second bed, I saw black marks on the mattress head indicating bedbugs, then saw the bed support was collapsed and it was unusable anyway. More pubic hair on the sheets. I went back in to the office and asked to be moved.

"Room 2: I was happy to see a tile floor, less place for critters to live, but unhappy it hadn't been swept in a couple weeks. Sand and dirt everywhere, looked like someone stomped boots off by the door, frosting from unknown confections was ground into the grout and left there. The nightstand had wrappers from food on it and the drawer to the desk was crammed with wrappers and receipts (Looking at the dates from weeks past). Bed #1, filthy just like room 1, bed 2. I pulled it away from the wall; it looked like there were dead bedbugs on the floor along with other dead insects under the headboard. I couldn't see bedbugs on the mattress."