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"Basically, this is the worst hotel on earth."

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Two glowing reviews of the Memory Motel

"This hotel sucks. The manager Artie is a fat piece of crap. These rooms are definitely crack dens and they smell. I recommend no one to go there. They rip you off as much as they can and fights break out at the bar every night. Bar is fun but the bouncers are scumbags as well. A bunch of fat losers who think they are tough. I wish I had no memories of the Memory Motel."

"Basically this is the worst hotel on earth. You would be better off sleeping in a dirty storm drain than staying here. The owner is horrible and obviously could care less about the property. There is a rowdy bar right in the middle of the place and I saw the bouncers beating up a patron outside who was being bear hugged and punched. The rooms look like crack dens and probably are, with a lot of the windows broken."