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Showhouse Foyer Design Pays Tribute to Women with Breast Cancer

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Holiday House Hamptons is a designer showhouse in Bridgehampton that benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Each space is themed around a holiday or special moment in life that inspires the designer, the aim being to celebrate life as well as fight breast cancer.

Donna Livingston designed the entry pictured here as a tribute to woman who have had breast cancer. The beautiful entry rug is a seventeenth century Northern Chinese design that symbolizes the dragon and "great destiny." A six foot tall bronze statue of a woman dominates the foyer with imposing power. In the back, Robert Farber's photograph "Natural Beauty" commands attention with a sensual abstract nude. His book Natural Beauty was dedicated to a friend who died of breast cancer. To underscore the female theme, another abstract woman by J.D. Hansen, "Madonna," sits on the console, inviting friends and family into the entry. A large painting by Frank Bowling is bold in color and scale to make a statement in a 22-foot high entryway.
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