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Hamptons Hotel Bedrooms You Won't Ever Want to Leave

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A hotel bedroom is your sanctuary when traveling. While a cozy, inviting bed is most important, the best bedrooms are characterful and atmospheric, whether the ambiance aimed for is calm relaxation or chilled-out hipness. All of the rooms below have something to say in very different ways.

Baker House 1650 Huntting Room: Modern rustic meets Arts and Crafts with a carpet by Gavin Morton, old beams, William Morris Honeysuckle wallpaper, roughly painted boards with flatscreen TV over woodburning fireplace.

Surf Lodge: A chill West Coast 60s beach vibe, with a serape on the bed and a hanging rattan chair.

c/o Maidstone's Blixen Room: African theme for the Danish author of Out of Africa Isak Dinesen, real name Baroness Karen von Blixen.

c/o Maidstone's Heyerdahl Room: South Pacific theme for the Norwegian author of Kon-Tiki.

Maison Blanche: This room lives up to the hotel's name with crisp white, relieved by a dark antique carved mirror.

Montauk Yacht Club: Crisp nautical blue and white with pillows reminiscent of semaphore flags; Adirondack chairs on the balcony.

Hedges Inn: This bedroom is practically begging you to relax, from the soothing mint color to the candles in the fireplace to the inviting white bedding.

c/o Maidstone's Linnaeus Room: Floral room named after the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy, with a botanical diagram on the wall.

Solé East: Vintage funk is the theme, with a Parsons table serving as a desk flanked by a groovy Jacobsen chair and a woven rattan headboard.

Topping Rose House: Chic minimalism in this room, with plain white linens, touches of black, a simple four-poster, modern rug, and aged wood fireplace mantel.

Southampton Inn: Wake up with vibrant, energizing yellow. The dark wood and yellow touches give an Asian feel.

Inn at Windmill Lane: From the beautiful beamed ceiling to the dark floorboards, cozy, intimate relaxation is the aim here. The woodburning fireplace and flatscreen TV invite you to linger.

Surf Lodge

183 Edgemere Street, Montauk, NY 11954 631 668 2632 Visit Website

c/o The Maidstone

207 Main Street, , NY 11937 Visit Website