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Patrick McMullan is Totally 80s at c/o the Maidstone

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Patrick McMullan was on hand at c/o the Maidstone yesterday celebrating the 10th anniversary of his book, so 80s: A Photographic Diary of a Decade. Stepping out from behind the lens seemed to suit the photographer just fine as he sipped cocktails and chatted with us about the exhibition. "Ten years, it's a long time; I still can't believe it!" He further explained that the event came together rather quickly. "I had all of these 80s pictures from the original show in 2003 in my new studio. We sold a lot of the editions, but not the framed pieces. They were all wrapped up, because I like keeping them together. Now they are on display here." Curated by Eric Firestone, McMullan's images will be hanging in the hotel all summer.
· Patrick McMullan [Official site]
Jamie Sharpe

c/o The Maidstone

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