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Joe Zee: The Hamptons' Hautest Camp Counselor

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[Joe Zee/Statigram]

Joe Zee, Elle's creative director, is everywhere these days. When he's not setting up a photo shoot for his beloved glossy, he's filming reality TV or hosting the Oscars for Entertainment Tonight. His Instagram reads like who's who of the fabulous set, so it should come as no surprise that this fashion connoisseur is setting up shop, or should we say pulling out his sewing machine, in the Hamptons. On August 5, Zee and his partner, Rob Younkers, will teach a two-week program in East Hampton. Entitled "Stitched Fashion Camp," aspiring glampers will learn the art of styling, design, illustration, and merchandising. So, how much does it take kick-start your kid's career with The Devil Wears Prada crowd? $1,850. Please note, the price of admission does not include lunch.
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