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Saving the Diamonds in the Rough

Yesterday, the Pearlroth House, also known as the Double Diamond House, designed by Andrew Geller and built in Westhampton in 1963, was moved. As we noted in March, the Pearlroth house has unfortunately deteriorated over the years. The owner, Jonathan Pearlroth, the son of the original owners, wants a larger house for his family, so the house is now about 40 feet away from its original site.

Reinhardt / O'Brien Contracting, best known for the Houses at Sagaponac, moved the house, with Jake Gorst, Andrew Geller's grandson, and Jonathan Pearlroth present. Reinhardt / O'Brien are building Jonathan a new 3500sf modern house designed by New York-based Cook + Fox Architects. The builders will now restore the Double Diamond house, after which it is planned to be opened as a museum.
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