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Live in a WWI Torpedo Barge in Springs for $3.995M

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This place is about as cool as it gets. This former torpedo barge was transformed into a house in 1950 and updated in the 1990s. It's located in Accabonac Harbor and much of the land beyond is owned by the Nature Conservancy, so there is ample privacy. The living room sports antique English station lamps and a projection screen that drops from the ceiling. The kitchen is vintage style with new appliances but with the cabinet hardware and sconces from a ship. A guest suite has lamps from Grand Central Station and a sink from a Cape May hotel. The Barge Room features a fireplace of local beach stone, the original barge decking, and an original porthole cover sunk into the floor, with a glass roof. The master bath is inspired by the sandy beach: there are Japanese stucco walls embedded with grass, limestone "sand" floors and walls, teak tub surround and double shower with steam bath. Outside the residence are a shower, outdoor cooking station, and the original anchor from the torpedo barge. In all, there are three bedrooms, two baths in 2500sf set on 2.2 acres.
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