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Vinny is Ready to Fist-Pump at Nick & Toni's

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Every media outlet from the New York Times (hello, Jim Rutenberg) to Dan's is having a field day speculating about Snooki sightings in the Hamptons. As the residents of Indian Wells Beach continue to freak out about the possibility of their serene summer escape being turned into a haven for wet T-shirt contests, we finally have some news from Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino. At the After Earth premiere in New York he proudly told AM New York, "Maybe now that I am venturing out of [the] Jersey shore, I'll go to the Hamptons—I hear it's dope there!" Will he take the Jitney; does he have the coveted blue and white beach-parking pass? Time will tell, but this is shaping to be a wild summer that the residents of the East End won't soon forget!
· Hamptons a Shore Thing [AM New York]
Jamie Sharpe