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Teardown in Springs Features Copious and Creative Linoleum

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Clearly, sometime during the Nixon Administration, the owner of this house ran out of the sludgy brown linoleum in which they floored the kitchen, and the living room, and the master bedroom.

Now what?? There's still one room to do! Hell with it; just get a bunch of samples and use that. In forty years when Pinterest is invented, someone will think it's a cute idea.

Crap. The bathroom needs retiling too. But who can afford ceramic? A little linoleum on the walls will fix everything—add some inlay to fancy it up.

Aw, jeez. We ran out of lino for the attic. Oh well, whatever, no one will notice if it just stops.

Store the extras in the dilapidated shed artist's studio out back.

Cheer up! Someday, just the quarter-acre will be worth asking $336,000.
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