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Madoff's Former Montauk House All Spruced Up in Architectural Digest

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The July issue of Architectural Digest talks about how hard Broadway producer Daryl Roth works, so even though she and her husband—unnamed by AD but who is of course billionaire real estate mogul Steve Roth—have a nice house in East Hampton, Mrs. Roth dreamed about a little hideaway just for the two of them. So, like anyone would, they scooped up a little place "a short drive farther down the Long Island coast." That place is Bernie Madoff's former Montauk house, for which they paid a mere $9.41 million. We have to admit the house looks gorgeous after renovations by Manhattan-based architect and designer Thierry Despont—the rather ungainly old stone fireplace has been rebuilt, and the great room roof is now curved. Still, as before, the view and the site itself is still the real star of the show.
· Broadway Producer Daryl Roth's Bright Long Island Beach House [AD]