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This Summer's Must-Have Accessory: a Sober Minder

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Still haven't locked down your East End summer rental? If you've got in the neighborhood of $50,000 - $80,000 (per month), then The Dunes in East Hampton might just be for you. Oh yeah, having any type of addiction is necessary to gain entrance to what the website defines as a "luxurious setting." No kidding! The program boasts a 3-to-1 ratio of staffers to clientele and talks about "colorful trees, hydrangeas and clear, star-filled nights." And that's just in the first paragraph.

Needless to say, CEOs are the primary target of this facility, and the UK's Daily Mail couldn't help but taunt the evolution of the "sober minder". Apparently, one of The Dunes' biggest perks is that you have the option of leaving the property, if you take an undercover babysitter with you. Translation: this person discreetly deters you from your favorite vices. Recently, things didn't go so well for a 35-year old real estate mogul who gave his chaperone, Peter Downing, the slip. After two days of hard partying in the Hamptons, a drug dealer and prostitutes showed up at his door. What did his handler do? He got rid of them, of course. If the price is high enough, perhaps the minders are willing to look the other way ? for a short time.
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Jamie Sharpe

The Dunes

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