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The #Humblebrag Shift: Swans are the New Feet!

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Just when you thought (nay, hoped!) the #humblebrag craze was coming to a timely end, something even more obnoxious popped up for your Instagram-viewing pleasure. Welcome the summer of the swan. And no, we aren't referring to Ziggy, the adorable cygnet who resides on East Hampton's Town Pond. Hamptonites are trading in photos of their perfectly manicured toes dangling above gunite pools for images of booze-fueled and well-tanned partiers draped over enormous inflatable swans. Is this the next status symbol? We know this much: the pool toys are selling out quickly online and there's no shortage of these images flooding the web. Well, feet could only be hip for so long, and the swans are really cute!
· Chicest Summer Accessory, the Inflatable Swan [Guest of a Guest]
Jamie Sharpe