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Former Gardiner Estate Still Hasn't Found a Buyer

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This house was built c. 1941 for Sarah Diodati Gardiner, the aunt of Robert David Lion Gardiner (not Gardiner himself, as is usually reported). Miss Gardiner purchased Gardiner's Island from various relatives and left the island to her nephew, Robert, and his sister Alexandra. (It's Alexandra's daughter who today owns the island.) Robert Gardiner inherited this house, which was sold for $9 million after his death in 2004 and then renovated. It's been on the market now for three years and has undergone two pricechops; current ask is $25 million. For that price, you get an unheard-of 5.4 acres of land right on East Hampton's Main Street. It does back up to an elementary school, though. Our suggestions: redecorate. The furniture is doing not the house any favors. (Personally, we'd pay $5 million just to get rid of the "Too Sexxy" letters.) Whitewash the stone exterior as it used to be in the Gardiners' day. Drop the price to $20 million and there might be some offers.