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The Minimalist Southampton Family Home of Designer Lisa Jackson as Pictured in Veranda

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These spare, coolly modern interiors are probably not what comes to mind when you think "family house," but interior designer Lisa Jackson says, "You cannot imagine the volume of traffic here in the summertime. All the horizontal surfaces are occupied. We always have an open door." The house is a magnet for her friends and those of her children. Jackson believes in paring her interiors down to the bone, leaving only what is necessary for beauty and utility. Each piece, therefore, must be very special: vintage chairs, a custom table and 1960s Danish pendants in the dining room, or the Poul Kjaerholm chair and eighteenth century French limestone mantel in a guest room. Jackson, creative director of Lucca & Co., a design showroom and retail space in New York City says, "I'm obsessive about the process."

· Veranda [Official Site]