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Touring the Gorgeous Watchcase Model Apartment Designed by Steven Gambrel

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Yesterday we wrote about touring the Watchcase factory site; today we'll discuss the Watchcase model apartment, which was decorated by noted designer and Sag Harbor local Steven Gambrel. It's gorgeous, no other word for it. The minute you enter, you see covet-worthy objects, such as this small shell-encrusted trunk.

Everywhere you look you see a wonderful idea, such as this display of marbled endpapers on a bedroom wall. Of course on a small side table nearby were some books with marbled covers to echo the design.

The main space has a masculine, yet domestic quality to it. While the industrial heritage of the building is respected in the lighting, and the whaling tradition of Sag Harbor paid tribute to with the whalebones, different textures soften the hard edges.

Treen bowls beg to be touched on a side table, and studded leather and soft fabrics on the chairs invite guests to sink in.

The oak flooring has a reclaimed feel. In the kitchen, there's an interesting reeded edging to the massive marble counters.

Virtually every apartment in the Watchcase has its own outside space; the model will have an outdoor kitchen built into its terrace. Also, virtually every space is unique, owing to the design of the factory and outbuildings.

While these condos don't come cheap, we think they're a fantastic option for anyone wanting low-maintenance, high-end living in the Hamptons.
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