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Hamptons Humblebrags (Yes, Feet and Pools are Involved!)

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Summer in the Hamptons: it's such a lovely time for escaping the city and getting some much-deserved downtime with your friends, right? Hell no! It's all about showing off to the entire world (or at least the persnickety Instagram community) that you have a summer house and they don't. Guest of Guest featured a slideshow highlighting the endless Hamptons hashtaggers (you know who you are) who have expanded their love of the #humblebrag phenomenon to focus on a few specific things: feet and pools. We're not quite sure who came up with this system, but it clearly isn't going away anytime soon. Guest of a Guest gets rather creative with their point system, but we still think they are missing out on some real opportunities for ranking the art of fake vanity.
• You lose points for the "shared pool situation" (-3)
• Cute summer hats (+1)
• High-end alcohol, bonus if it's champagne (+2.75)
• Gunite pool, hey, it's featured in every Hamptons real estate listing (+4)
• Home designed by celebrity architect (+3), bonus if it features shingles (+5)
• Perfectly manicured hedges (+7)
• Pool overlooking the ocean: you win! Why are you wasting your time on Instagram? (+100)
· Humblebrags [GoaG]
Jamie Sharpe