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$24.995M Gin Lane Mansion is Missing Some Crucial Touches

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From what we understand, this place was originally listed in 2007 for $35M. Now it's $24.995M. While the location is fantastic and uber-private, with gorgeous views, we're starting to see why it's been a wallflower for so long. Why no pictures of the kitchen or bathrooms? There are 8.5 bathrooms; you'd think they could show one, at least. The "formal dining room" with the brick floor and wrought iron furniture looks more like a covered porch. Indoor pools are swell for those rainy days, but why no outdoor pool in a summer house? Because it would ruin the view? Put in a ha-ha and a sunken pool. (Also, then you could brag about having a ha-ha.) There are seven bedrooms, three stories with elevator and 2.5 acres of grounds. We do quite like the simple grass and boxwood gardens.
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