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Sculptural New Building for the Fire Island Pines Pavilion

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Hamptons neighbor Fire Island lost one of its most beloved buildings, the Pavilion, to fire in 2011. It has been reincarnated in a new structure designed by New York-based Hollwich Kushner. "The building, located at the intersection of all traffic to and from the island, is shaped to become a part of the everyday way of life for the community by fitting in comfortably with the open, beachy, and modern feel of the Pines," says Matthias Hollwich. The wooden construction of the new Pavilion connects the space to nature, while much of the triangular facade is open to let the beauty of the island come through and to invite guests inside. The building is angled towards the harbor to welcome the visitors who arrive via ferry to the Pines.
· Pavilion Fire Island [Official Site]