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Main Street Drivers: Chauffeurs by the Hour

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Instead of hiring a car service to shuttle you around to your favorite nightspots, why not hire a chauffeur to drive your own car? Much cheaper that way and easier than trying to get a cab. Main Street Drivers, which is owned and operated by James Hirtenstein, brother of Curbed Hamptons favorite Michael "Big Hirt" Hirtenstein, ensures that you can do all the carousing you please without worrying about how to get home or how to get your sloshed guests home. Main Street Drivers says they provide "the ultimate in professional door- to-door service in the luxury of your own car." (Hold on a minute. Have they seen our car? "Luxury" is not the word we'd use. "Smells like thirteen year old obese beagle" is more like it.)
· Main Street Drivers [Official Site]