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Confusing Sag Harbor House Needs a Stager, Stat

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So many things confuse us so much about this house. Why black curtains and towels? Why didn't they get a stager in? Why are there two sets of curtain rods in the bedroom? Why is there a coat stand in the bathroom? Why bother having a wine rack with one bottle of wine? What's with that bedroom hidey-hole? Which Real Housewife rented the place? Seriously, why didn't they get a stager in?

There's a nice house underneath the clutter that keeps distracting your eye. Some of the furniture is quite nice midcentury modern, as well. And we love the private backyard and pool. But a buyer has got to look past all the tchotchkes to see what the place could be, and considering the price was recently chopped $100K to $899K, it seems it hasn't happened yet. For that, you get four ensuite bedrooms, a separate apartment, five total bathrooms, two laundry facilities, in 3500sf on .68 of an acre.
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