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Comments of the Day

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Commenters yesterday discussed whether Montauk is being ruined by hipsters. Consensus seemed to be yes. Best comments were from the old-timers who take it all in stride: "The truth is the hipsters have to put up with me, too, cause I'm not leaving. A middle-aged (pushing senior) who loves the beach and *will* sit on Ditch most of the day whether they want to look at my ugly bathing suit or not! [?] The hipsters look at me and my friends, I'm sure, and say "geez". I look at them and say the exact same thing." And also: "I was born here...lived here for 50 years...don't understand the venom...don't understand the 'hipness; of Montauk either...good for them for enjoying Montauk...what's the harm?" [Curbed Comments]