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Golfing, Boarding, and Drawing at the Bridgehampton Museum

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The Bridgehampton Museum certainly has ambitious summer plans. "From Pastures to Putting," currently on display, highlights the history of golf in greater Bridgehampton. Steeped in historical drama, this promises to be a fabulous look at the evolution of the fashion, equipment, and imagery surrounding golf. There's even a veteran caddy on hand that will be sharing some much-loved clubhouse stories. We're hoping to hear something delicious (a la Philistines at the Hedgerow). As June soldiers on, the museum plays host to "Next Stop: Seaside Board at the Corwith House." Apparently, this involves reenacting a legit boarding house circa 1870 from the owner's viewpoint. Oh, the stories we are expecting to hear! In July, the Cartoon Festival is sure to attract the artistic crowd that aspires to draw in the style of Charles Addams.
· Bridgehampton Museum [Official Site]
Jamie Sharpe