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Gorgeous New Shelter Island House Featured in June's Architectural Digest

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This stunning new Shelter Island house belongs to Knoll CEO Andrew Cogan. The design objective of the team of architect Michael Haverland and interior designer Philip Galanes was to emphasize the "light and sky and water" with a luxurious feel that is still "respectful to the landscape and the low-key aspect of the island." Of course since Knoll is known for midcentury design classics, the space features 1950s chairs by Edward Wormley, a '60s Franco Albini rattan ottoman, and a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona daybed.

The dining area features a fireplace made of local river rock and Mies van der Rohe chairs; and the master bedroom has a lemon Saarinen Womb chair and ottoman, plus an inlaid bed and textiles from India.