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Your Post-Labor Day Lowdown: Spoilsports Attempt to Clamp Down on Fun

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So what's been going on out here during the winter regarding the summer party scene? It's been harsh. Killjoys everywhere are attempting to ruin the fun of trashed twentysomethings!

Last summer, we noted that at Indian Wells Beach, "hordes of young, drunk and boisterous people" and their loud music and widespread drunkenness were everywhere. (So what's the downside? Oh, we kid.) This year, the good burghers in Amagansett are considering clamping down on the party scene at Indian Wells with barricades. Bummer.

Cyril's, the beloved drinking spot involving mobs of tipsy people wandering around Montauk Highway on sweet summer nights, sought to expand with flush toilets. But local sourpusses again stepped in and have opposed Cyril's application. So get ready to enjoy the port-a-potties once again this summer. Remember: enough drinks and you won't even notice the stench!

Another local hotspot, the Montauk Beach House, had a slapfight with the town of East Hampton over zoning for its poolside bar and gift shop. Luckily the Montauk Beach House has prevailed, so after you spill your drink on your shirt there, you can easily buy a replacement. Win-win!

Up-island a little, Hamptons neighbor Fire Island National Seashore is going to start enforcing the ban on nude sunbathing this summer. There have been a lot of complaints in the past about overly frisky behavior on used-to-be-clothing-optional Lighthouse Beach, and with no dunes now (lost in Sandy) to hide the nakedness from lighthouse visitors, fuddy-duddies are going to crack down.

One party you hopefully weren't a part of resulted in a lawsuit in East Hampton last winter. A Brooklyn couple rented out their East Hampton house to a businessman who used it as a setting for an Internet show featuring boozy sex parties. The "Vice Hamptons Crib" not only left much of the house trashed, it also left icky stains on their nice sofa that won't come out.

Yeesh. That's where we draw the line. Let's all stay safe and have fun this summer without getting anyone hurt or destroying any slipcovers, shall we?
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