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Aesop Opens Stunning East Hampton Shop

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Aesop, the Australian beauty brand, is known for its fantastically designed shops almost as much for its products, and the new store on Main Street doesn't disappoint. A feature in all of Aesop's stores is the central sink, and here it's made from soapstone, which the company says is "a material long used for wash sinks in northeast United States," with spigots "employing the simple copper valves often seen in the neighborhood's carefully constructed gardens." OK then! On the walls are pegboard, which makes for a flexible way to display the company's brown-glass product bottles. Apparently the dots of the pegboard contain messages in Morse code, another nod to the maritime history of the Hamptons. Guess we'll have to go to the shop with a Morse code manual and puzzle them out. No, miss, we don't need any help. We're just looking for hidden messages in the walls.
· Aesop [Official Site]