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AirBnb Gatsby Party: Trainwreck in the Making!

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Like most of the media, we got an invitation to AirBnb's Great Gatsby-inspired soiree, inviting us to come party like it's 1922. (Have any of these people read the novel? Spoiler alert: it doesn't end well.) From what we hear, the party doesn't have the right permits in place and short-term rentals like AirBnB are illegal in most of the Hamptons anyway. We weren't planning to attend, because we have to wash our hair that night, but now that we think about it, witnessing the trainwreck in real time might be amusing. Remember the trouble Gilt City got into with the Gilt City Hamptons House? Also, our pedantic side compels us to point out that Gatsby lived on the North Shore of Long Island, not the Hamptons.
· AirBnb Is Busing Reporters to The Hamptons for a Great Gatsby Party [Gawker]