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Montauk's Startop Ranch: Fulfill Your Childhood Pony Farm Dreams for Only $10M

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When we were kids, we drove past the Startop Ranch most days during the summer to go to Gin Beach. We always wished we could ride the horses in the fields. Back then, the estate was more than fifty acres put together by Dr. Leon Star to house his horses and boasted its own racetrack. Although quite a lot of the ranch has been sold since then, the thirteen acres left offer plenty of room for your own horses.

The ranch has been for sale for several years now, with various parcels offered at various price points. If you want as much room possible for your pony farm, you can snap up those almost 13 acres including five bedroom main house, 15 stall barn, riding arena, barn with caretaker apartment, and extra outbuildings for a mere $10 million. The little girls driving past thank you.
· The Startop Ranch Equestrian Estate [Sotheby's]