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Bayfront Expanded A-Frame in Noyac for $2.2M

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The A-frame seems like a building idea whose time has gone. We appreciate the ideal of a modern, low-cost beach house for the middle classes, popular in the late 1950s up through the early 1970s, but we wouldn't want to live in an A-frame. This place boasts incredible views and walls of glass and some extremely attractive touches, like the backsplash in the kitchen and the steel cable by the open tread staircase (but why not remove the plastic step for the picture?), but can't escape the problems inherent in the A-frame design. There are only two bedrooms and one bath, which probably isn't going to fly in a house costing $2.2 million, even if it's bayfront. The house is 1900sf on .64 acre with 100 feet of water frontage.
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