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Sail Around Montauk in Mon-Tiki, a Hand-built Wooden Catamaran

Mon-Tiki is a new wooden sailing catamaran out of Montauk that is offering daily sailing trips or charters. It's based on the Tiki designs of James Wharram, who in the 1950s pioneered the use of ancient Polynesian boat design. (These were named after Kon-Tiki, the raft built by Thor Heyerdahl and sailed in 1947 from Peru to Polynesia.) Construction of Mon-Tiki was done entirely on the East End of Long Island, with hull and deck components fabricated in a Bridgehampton potato barn. Mon-Tiki has just been certified by the Coast Guard as a passenger vehicle for up to 49 people; sailing from Montauk begins this weekend.
· Sailing Montauk [Official Site]