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Sag Harbor Whaling Captain's Home for Restoration

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This elegant distressed beauty really did belong to a whaling captain. Shamgar H. Slate was the master of the whaleship Neptune in 1841 and owner of this residence. ("Shamgar": a name you don't hear much these days.) Sadly, this house has barely seen a paintbrush since Shamgar passed, but that means it's in almost original condition, ready for a sensitive restoration of the original millwork and random-width pumpkin pine flooring. There are even some intact gaslights! There are two parlors, three original staircases, three bedrooms and two and a half baths in 2555sf. Outside, there's about a third of an acre with plenty of room for a pool. Ask is $1.795M. Come on, you know you want to bring this beauty back to life. Do it for ol' Shamgar.
· 245 Main Street Sag Harbor Village [Elliman]