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Southampton Town Says Whoa! to Matt Lauer

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Matt Lauer bought a 40-acre farm last year in Water Mill. It used to be a tree farm, but as an avid equestrian, Lauer is turning it into a horse farm, which angered his neighbors. After all, in 2005 Southampton shelled out $3.6 million for the development rights to the former Deerfield Nursery. Lauer got permission from the town to build a horse farm anyway because hey, he's TV's Matt Lauer and they're not. Lauer isn't allowed to build a house on the property, but he is permitted to build things related to agricultural work, like swank accommodation for "groomsmen." (We always thought groomsmen were in weddings and grooms curried horses, but maybe it sounds fancier that way. And "accommodation" for "groomsmen" isn't a house, apparently.) Anyway, Southampton told Lauer to hold his horses and issued a stop-work order on building, something to do with rot in the old nursery office building. We'll keep you posted. [Curbedwire]