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Support Local Farming with a CSA Share from Bhumi Farm

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Last year, 17-year Wall Street veteran Frank Trentacoste left finance to become an organic farmer in Amagansett. Frank grows a variety of organic vegetables on land leased from the Peconic Land Trust. Bhumi Farm is named after the Hindu goddess Bhumi, the personification of Mother Earth. If you're interested in delicious local vegetables, Frank is selling CSA memberships for this season at a 10% discount through April 7. Nondiscounted prices are as follows: a six-week family share from August through Labor Day is $450. Full-season shares begin on May 27th and run to Labor Day (family $1,000 or half $500). A fresh flower add-on is available for $15 a week. Delivery is available in East Hampton and Amagansett for $25. [Curbedwire]