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Commenters yesterday argued about the new Red Hook Lobster Pound and Sweet 'tauk storefront to be opened in Montauk. Several people seemed annoyed that nonlocals should come in for the summer and compete with local businesses. "Everyone wants part of that hot summer action... should make it harder for non-local businesses like these that compete directly with local businesses. If you're not a f/t resident of MTK you should not be allowed to have a business there." And: "Outside places, popping up for the summer, only cuts into the bottom line of the folks who hustle out here year round to put food on the table. How would they like it if I popped up next to their storefront for a season?" Others pointed out that one business is local, and all's fair in love and lobster rolls: "The whole project is run by the sweet 'tauk people who live in Montauk year round and have been producing their lemonade from that location. I think bringing in lobster rolls and ice cream to accompany their local product will be a great addition." "This is an excellent addition to the Montauk food scene, can't wait. As to the gripers ... I believe the phrase is, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. It's not an issue of local vs no-local. If you serve good food that is fairly priced and your employees provide decent service, you thrive. And yes, it's that simple."