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Nice Bridgehampton Cottage Hidden Under Antlers, Red Velvet

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We're sure there is a very nice house in Bridgehampton under the pieces of dead animals littered everywhere. (Psst—tusks are bad form these days.) The pictured bathroom is nice, but the master bedroom seems to be decorated in a style called "Belle Watling." Right this way, Cap'n Butler! The listing refers to the house's "European style," a phrase we're beginning to believe is brokerbabble for "we don't know how to explain this mess either." If you can get past the dead animals, this is a three-bedroom, three-bath house of 2000sf set on .66 acre. Price is $1.495M. The grounds look nice, with a 70 foot gunite pool. Here's a phrase we'd like to suggest: "home staging."
· Bridgehampton Charm [Elliman via HREO]