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Curbed Hamptons Now Seeking a Summer Intern—Maybe You!

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Sumer is icumen in, lhude sing cuccu! Are you a literate member of the Curbediverse? Are you spending the summer in the Hamptons? Are you interested in lhude singing cuccu? We're looking for an intern to join the thrilling, fast-paced world of Curbed Hamptons this summer. Responsibilities include taking a lot of pictures (you'll need a decent digital camera or at least an iPhone), mixing the editors margaritas (OK, not really), and reporting on what's hip and happening in the Hamptons. Timing is very flexible and pay is nonexistent. Sound good? Shoot us an email at with a brief description of yourself and your interest in the gig. (No attachments, please.) If we like what we see, we'll respond quickly. Thanks.