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Clocking In With The New Traditionalists CCO Brady Wilcox

Curbed National's video series Clocking In explores one individual's artistic contributions to the great, wide "wheel" of design; in other words, cool stuff cool people create. Care to nominate someone noteworthy? Do send a note.

This video features Brady Wilcox, chief creative officer of the Manhattan-based furniture firm The New Traditionalists. A trained architect, Wilcox co-founded The New Traditionalists with his lifelong buddy (CEO Philip Erdoes) in 2010—at that point, they already had ducduc, a high-end kids' furniture line, under their belt—all with the intention of revitalizing the idea that "traditional" and "cool" can actually be one and the same. Here Wilcox offers a glimpse into his workspace—a lofty, comfortable, and beautifully laid-out showroom perched above the city's Balthazar Restaurant—and walks through the process of designing Chair no. One Twenty Four, a dramatic leather perch inspired by vintage cars.
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