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Stunning Bridgehampton Modernism by Sag Harbor Architects Bates Masi

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Check out this gorgeous new Bridgehampton house by local architects Bates Masi over on Curbed National. This minimalist residence has won numerous awards, including one from Interior Design and another from the AIA. The house's form consists of "programmed boxes" that "nest together," employing stunning natural materials. "The centerpiece of the entertaining area, featuring plenty of bronze, is a towering, paneled fireplace that also serves as a coat closet and skylight. Designed around a 'moment frame'—a structural support used to 'hold the house down in high winds or hurricane conditions,' Masi explains—the sculptural element at once serves as both a visual and mechanical focal point."
· Sculptural Meets Structural in Stunning Bates Masi Home [Curbed National]