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Billionaire Turns Bridgehampton Potato Barn into Exclusive Wine Club

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Originally we wanted to giggle at this place, because on the face of it, it's laughable excess. Leslie Alexander, billionaire and wine lover, with his own North Fork vineyard, spent $5 million over the past couple of years to turn an old potato barn into a wine storage facility with an over-the-top tasting room decorated by a Hollywood set designer. He plans to move his own collection of 6000 bottles to the facility and offer shares to locals for $50,000 plus about $8000 in annual dues. Even the name for his venture, Société du Vin, is pretentious. But we admit we're won over by the ridiculously over the top décor, and if we were billionaire wine mavens (for us, fancy wines come in bottles), we'd be tempted to join.
· That's Bored Dough [NY Post]