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Comments of the Day

Of course most comments were about the Wall Street douchebags. "Wow. Very shady. And one of these guys is at Goldman Sachs and the other is at a real estate hedge fund?!! Why would they be so stupid and cheap as to try to cheat an honest broker out of such a small commission?" "Shady scumbags. If you can afford such a rental, what's the commission fee mean to you. Pay someone for their work. Period." "Everyone has their price. In the case of this attorney and hedge fund guy, it is a paltry $3,000." "Right now these guys would pay $3000 EACH to have these stories removed from the Internet. Today, these were sent to every broker in the Hamptons AND faxed to every restaurant owner on the East End. These guys couldn't get a 5 o'clock seating in an outhouse." [Curbed Comments]