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What's the Deal with Mail Delivery?

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And now, Ask Curbed, the feature in which you both ask—and, in the comments, answer!—each other's questions. Got a question of your own? Send it along to

In Bridgehampton there is no mail service and if you want to receive mail, you have to get a post office box. Or at least that is what the post office tells me. Seems odd to me. In most of the country, RFD covers even the most remote locations with mail delivery. Is this unusual? According to the USPS, "Rural stations and branches are established, and rural delivery is provided, according to USPS policies and procedures, the characteristics of the area to be served, and the methods needed to provide adequate service. Requests or petitions to establish, change, or extend rural delivery service, signed by the heads of families wanting this service, must be given to the postmaster of the Post Office from which delivery service is desired, or from which the route operates, as applicable. Any and all specific questions regarding Rural Delivery are handled by the particular postal unit involved with that route and with the rural carrier delivering to that route." So basically, it's up to the local post office how they deliver or don't deliver the mail.
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