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Enjoy Padded Walls, Free Pantene, Dead Plants with This Amagansett Rental

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The house itself might be nice, but it's hard to tell from the photos on this rental. In the first picture, there's more car than house. Hey, whoever is taking the photos: make sure to put in as little effort as possible! Don't try to prop up the lantern in the second photo! Don't move that bike out of the way for the picture! Don't move the Pantene bottles out of the shower! Don't turn on any lights or the camera flash—we might be able to make out details. Don't move the dead plants off the deck. And why on earth are there cushions hanging above that bed? No, wait, we take it back. The house itself isn't nice. All this for only $40,000 for August-LD.
· Beautiful Contemporary w/Pool & Ocean View [Global Group]