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Pricey Bridgehampton Rental: Nice Outside, Bland Inside

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This Bridgehampton house is the most expensive August rental on the market right now in the Hamptons. Were we in the market for a $560,000 rental (or a mere $100,000 a week), we think we'd pass. It's a lovely house on the exterior, but the interior is dull, with zero personality. Plus, it's what a friend of ours calls "punching distance to the neighbors," where you don't actually have to leave your house to sock that jerk next door in the eye. Not that such a thing would happen in the leafy gentility of Bridgehampton, mais oui. There are four bedrooms in the main house, three in the pool house, with about 6750sf on 2.5 acres. Can't beat that view, though.
· Oceanfront Bridgehampton [Saunders]