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Curbed University is Now in Session!

Curbed University delivers insider tips and non-boring advice on how to buy, sell, or rent a home or apartment. And March is Curbed University month! For the next few weeks, we will be rolling out new content about buying, selling, and renting in the Hamptons. Each Friday we will have an open thread in which a local real estate professional will answer your questions. Also, feel free to email with your questions or put 'em in the comments.

First, let's summarize the information in the archives.

Information for buyers
You want to buy a house. Where do you start?
How do you find an agent?
What's the deal with getting a mortgage?
What actually happens at a closing?

Help for home sellers
Is staging worth it?

Renters, we haven't forgotten you
How can you find an annual rental when most places rent for the summer?

Hamptons terminology primer!
What are you talking about? Hamptons terminology part 1.
No, seriously, what are you talking about? Hamptons glossary part 2.