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Gracious Old East Hampton Grande Dame for Rent Deserves a Better Listing

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This is a beautiful, sprawling old house in a great location. And the rental price reflects that: $400,000 MD-LD. There are ten bedrooms and eight baths in 12,000 square feet, and the house is an original Shingle Style, designed by J. Greenleaf Thorp in 1895. There are seven fireplaces, three floors, and an elevator. So why on earth are the pictures so lousy—did they use a 2005 cellphone to take them?--and the brokerbabble so mealymouthed? The listing refers to the "fully equipped kitchen." We're as sick as anyone else of the phrase "chef's kitchen," but "fully equipped"? Yeehaw, Jethro, we won't be cooking on a hotplate this summer!
· Turn of the Century East Hampton Estate [Rosehip]