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Comment of the day

Regarding the "cursed" Norman Jaffe house: "The 2012 buyer didn't miscalculate anything. The house was not in a bidding war situation or anything like that and had been on the market for months (or years); and the buyer is a partner in a large law firm; in other words, not someone who would have bought in to this situation without doing his due diligence. While there was a mysterious leak causing staining in one of the ceilings, which the previous owner claimed not to know the source of, a contractor would be able to tell you what your exposure is on that. Visually the house was in very good condition given its age, although anyone who bought it would want to do a full renovation to update baths and the kitchen (though hopefully being true to the original). It's a time capsule that has been taken reasonably good care of, the grounds are beautiful, the location AAA+. It would be a shame (even a crime) if someone flattens it and erects a Farrell-Faux-Francis-Fleetwood gambreled monstrosity."