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New Southampton Center Plans Detailed

The former Parrish Art Museum on Jobs Lane is a beautiful building and a local icon. But it needs a ton of work (at least a million just for the roof). Fortunately, Southampton Mayor Mark Epley and architect Jorge Silvetti, of Machado and Silvetti Associates, are up to the job. Plans to revamp the space into the new Southampton Center were detailed Tuesday night. Much of the midcentury additions to the Grosvenor-Atterbury-designed building will be removed, so that the original structure is restored. The space will include a performance area, a café, and revamped grounds with a covered courtyard and the fountains restored. (Yay! We love fountains.) [Curbedwire]

Parrish Art Museum

279 Montauk Highway , Water Mill, NY 11976 631 283 2118