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Beleaguered Billionaire Steven A. Cohen Indulges in Some Retail Therapy

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We understand, Mr. Cohen. When the Securities and Exchange Commission gets on our backs about insider trading in our hedge fund, we too like to buy ourselves something pretty to cheer ourselves up. News comes today that Mr. Cohen, fresh after buying some old oil painting that Steve Wynn put his elbow through (oopsies) for $155 million, has just purchased a second house on Further Lane for $60M, down the street from his other one. We're pretty sure the new house is at 52 Further Lane. According to the Times, it is 10,000 square feet.

Decorating tip from us: hang your Jackson Pollocks (local!) in it and put the Damien Hirst shark (local!) in formaldehyde there. Not sure where to put the old oil painting, though.

Do you maybe have a red sofa it would go with?
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